Reusing corrugated roofing sheets

There are lots of different options to consider when you design a roof. For example you must think about the pitch, the style, drainage, insulation, weight, and durability. There are many materials to choose from, including tiles, shingles, and corrugated roofing sheets. You need to select the right one, ensuring you consider all the pros and cons.

Corrugated roofs are a great choice for several reasons. This includes the low cost, high strength, low weight, and ability to cover large expanses. The sheets can also be a range of colours and finishes. Perhaps more importantly, high quality sheeting can last a long time. When you need to replace sheets you can even reuse the old ones in several ways. This is much better for the environment.


A great looking fence could be the perfect way to frame your garden. It could also provide the extra privacy you want. Old corrugated sheets can make excellent fence panels. The size and shape means it is easy to create your fencing. You can turn them sideways or stand them upright to suit your tastes. You can combine them with wooden frames to get a really great rustic look or paint them so they are bright and eye catching.

Wall cladding

You can add the sheets to a wall to create a wonderful feature. Again the fact you can paint them different colours really helps. Or you could leave the base metal showing for a modern, industrial look. You can have the sheeting on exterior walls and also use it indoors. Some people even use the sheets behind sinks or showers.

Door panels

If you are tired of boring old doors, why not use the old corrugated roofing sheets to make them more attractive. You can use them on any kind of door, whether it is a full barn-size one or a small cabinet. The low weight is great here and means you don’t need to worry about the doors becoming very heavy.


Open plan living is very popular at the moment but there are still times when people want to split bigger spaces up to get more privacy. Partitions are a great solution and they can be really artistic and nice to look at. Corrugated sheets are a good option here and can fit into a wooden framework.

Other uses

There are plenty of other possible uses too. For example you could again use them in a wooden frame to create planters. They could look really fantastic in your garden. You could also use them as backing for shelf units or book cases. These backs can be pretty delicate and prone to damage. The sheets on the other hand are much stronger. You could even use small pieces of the sheets to create things like birdhouses.

Order corrugated roofing sheets today

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