Research steel cladding carefully before deciding which type to use

With a large variety of building materials available at our business, you’ll soon be thanking yourself for taking the time to visit us. Our thirty years of experience has taught us about customer expectations and allowed us to develop a service that never fails to disappoint. Steel cladding is one of the most favoured products of our collection. When you can get quality like this at our prices; it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that we are the leading supplier.

If you were unaware of this fact, steel cladding is widely used on outbuildings like sheds. The materials are popular because they are durable and have relatively minor maintenance needs. Despite this, it is still a great idea to be knowledgeable on what type of cladding you are purchasing in order to ensure that your choice is the correct one.

To begin with, the steel’s thickness might appear thin at first glance, but it’s strength originates from the folds present in the walls. When looking at materials you should examine both the thickness and the depth of the folds.

On top of this you need to consider wearing, particularly corrosion. Untreated steel will begin to rust when it left exposed to the elements. What you need to look at is the type of treatment that the metal has undergone to reduce corrosion. Two main kindss exist in this instance; hot dipped galvanised and elector painting.

The hot dipped approach is preferred by many because, as the name gives away, the steel is lowered into the galvanising treatment. This provides much better coverage and a higher level of protection.

Cheaper steel cladding makes use of elector painting, thanks in large part to the lower costs involved in production efforts. The materials can be equally as protected but you must be sure that there are no weak spots where the paint is thin.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, the range of our steel cladding is impressive. We have numerous types of finishes and thicknesses available to cater for different requirements. Due to this, we have the ability to satisfy a huge number of customer specifications. Whether you need materials for your home, a business, or an outbuilding like a shed or barn we can provide them.

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