Reasons why you should consider professional fillers and lighting

Peter Wragge Supplies offer a wide range of high quality corrugated roofing sheets, metal cladding, and other essential products. Having been established for 30 years, we have built a successful business supplying these diverse building materials. Our reputation has only been strengthened over these years due to the exceptional customer service we offer. Some of the more specific products we supply are fillers and lighting. These are superb for a number of reasons; here are some of them.

Filler blocks are essential in modern roof construction. When correctly used, they seal the cavities between the rooflight sheeting, making it a true weather barrier. The fillers that we provide have heat retention properties, adequate compressibility, and long life without embrittlement. They are available for various installations, including angled filler blocks for hip roof designs. Our products are proficient for solving condensation problems, as they enable the air to circulate properly.

Going hand in hand with filler blocks is rooflight sheeting, specifically known as translucent glass fibre reinforced polyester sheets. These allow daylight to be diffused into the building, saving you money and energy. The sheets are lightweight and easy to handle, high damage and impact resistant, weather resistant, and extremely fire retardant. The fact they are colourless means the roof lighting matches many different kinds of architecture.

The roof lighting we offer can be used on a selection of different properties, encompassing industrial, agricultural, and domestic ones. You will find this rooflight sheeting to be high in natural light transmission in factories and warehouses, commercial greenhouses, canopies and walkways..

If you require any of these products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Peter Wragge Supplies. We can offer advice and guidance, helping you to select the best fillers and lighting for your needs. Sharing our knowledge is something we are always happy to do and we have built strong relationships with numerous clients.