Protect your roof from condensation

For over 30 years we have been helping people with the variety of roofing and cladding products we have to offer. The range is extensive, including profiles, roof sheets, and much more. We are proud to work hard to assist everyone who comes to us while remaining cost effective.

What Condensation Does To Your Roof

When steel buildings do not have heating or are rarely used it can result in problems.

A roof without any insulation can react to warm air when they become cold. It is most likely to occur in colder months when the humidity rises. When the warm air reacts with the surface, droplets form due to the water vapour. They then run down the underside and onto the inside of your building. This process is known as condensation.

Different complications arise when this occurs. It can range from damage to the contents of your building to dangerous faults you needing to fix or replace. One common result of condensation is corrosion. Watch out for signs of water drops and contact professionals as soon as possible.

What Our Roofing Profiles Do

Our products are beneficial for many and a must-have for areas prone to condensation. They can save you a lot of money. We have many types of profiles, but for preventing condensation, Anti-con is what you should take a look at.

Our Anti-con profiles have a special fabric film on the underside of the panelling. The design allows it to absorb the moisture created from sudden temperature changes. This is so that evaporation can release it into the air again. Thus, it will protect your building and its contents.

Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd has a range of building materials to assist you with your needs. Take a look at our various profiles to help protect your roof, including our Anti-con panels. If you are looking for more details or some free advice, call us at 01449 737192 today.