A range of high quality steel profiles for roof or wall applications

Architectural trends have changed a lot over the years. A recent example of this is low pitch roofs. These have dramatically altered the appearance of the industrial landscape.

Although visually more attractive, the low pitch creates increased demands on the roofing and cladding panels. It is important to take care to maintain adequate water drainage as well as weather tightness.


PWS supply a wide variety of profiles. For instance, we have box profile cladding to suit these design criteria. Our products combine pleasing aesthetics with wide troughs to improve water as well as debris disposal. They can come in the form of composite roofing panels or insulated roofing panels.

Wall Cladding

Here the inherent strength as well as durability of the design complements the obvious requirement for pleasing aesthetics. Steel cladding and metal cladding is able to withstand the knocks and abrasions. This is common when creating a diverse range of structures for industrial and agricultural applications.


Curved Profile

We can curve any of our profiles as well as some flashings to enhance the appearance of the roof line or construct canopies etc.


All PWS profiles are available in a wide choice of colours as well as finishes. This includes British Steel Colourcoat, Plastisol PVF2 and Accent range. Click here to view a colour chart.



PWS profiles are eminently suitable for overcladding old or fragile roofs where the cost of removal and disposal would be extremely high. This is often the case with old asbestos roofs.



Condensation can be a problem in unheated steel roofer buildings, where droplets of water condense, run and then drip. This can cause considerable damage to items stored underneath.

In buildings where thermal insulation is neither desirable nor cost effective, the best solution is to use PWS Anti-con lined roofing panels.

Anti-con is a special fabric type film designed to absorb moisture. This is bonded to the underside of the panel. When ambient conditions or rapid temperature changes produces condensation water, the Anti-con liner absorbs the water. Evaporation then removes this naturally throughout the day.

Anti-con can be used in any well ventilated building which has minimal heating and some daytime activity.

  • Film colour: White or Grey
  • Thickness of film: 400u
  • Film weight: 80gsm
  • Absorption capacity: 400gsm

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