Preparing your walls for insulation

Peter Wragge Supplies is a company that can provide its clients with a range of insulation systems. They are appropriate for a myriad of installations, making them very useful materials.

One material we offer is internal lining board. It is suitable to use in wall cladding as well as beneath roof sheeting. There are many more products for you to discover though. We are confident one of them will be the system that suits your specifications.

What type of insulation?

As far as insulating walls is concerned, the first solution that comes to mind is cavity wall insulation. However, this isn’t suitable for aged solid-wall structures because there are no cavities. Instead, people look to introduce the insulation internally. According to the Energy Saving Trust, this could save you as much as £455 on your yearly heating bills. Internal insulating materials are effective, cheap, and easy to work with. Nevertheless, some preparation is necessary if you intend to use them.

Look at the state of your wall

You must address the condition of your wall’s facet and see if it is damp prior to installation. The surface’s state shall decide what type of preparation you have to do. Mainly, you’ll be looking into whether you need to remove plaster. It will also dictate whether mechanical fixing shall prove essential, or if you can fix the insulation to the wall via adhesive. It is important to consider that insulation could potentially aggravate the damp. After-all, it restricts air movement across the interior surface and lowers the wall’s temperature.

There are two methods you can use to handle a damp wall. The first is locating the damp’s origin and eliminating it. The second is producing a stud wall with a cavity on either side of the current wall and insulation.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, the liner board solutions we stock offer a series of features not found with standard insulating substances. In addition to having a built-in vapour barrier, they’re also easy to cut, durable, and light. These are definitely insulation systems work considering.

If you want to know more about our collection, feel free to contact us.