Patch up that leak

New building regulations are difficult to follow. Fortunately, we work to stay up to date with them. In addition we stock products to ensure meeting them is easy. Our roofing sheets and composite panels are the best designs on the market. Made from superior materials, they won’t disappoint you.

Corrugated roofs might be popular, cheap, and also versatile. Nevertheless, they aren’t immune to leaks. This is a recurring issue, but you can repair it easily with the right knowledge and products. You can do the job yourself and not have to spend money on hiring a professional.

Find the problem

Firstly, you need to locate the leak. Sadly this can be tricky because the water may enter at one point but cause a problem elsewhere. You should check the property carefully, looking for wet patches on ceilings and walls. Trace backwards to the problem’s place of origin. The starting point could be a few meters away from where the water is currently dripping.

Start patching

Once you discover the source, you must patch it up. Get a rag and clean the section you intend to patch quickly. Afterwards, administer a small quantity of lacquer thinner. Next, you need to utilise a speciality sealing tape. Press your patching tape down on top of the leak. If you must apply more pressure, use a rubber roller in multiple directions.

One of the leading ways to stop leaks on corrugated roofs is to examine them frequently. With sufficient maintenance and care, you’ll experience fewer complications.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we can deliver our roofing sheets and composite panels to almost anywhere in the country. You’re free to use them on roofs that possess a slope of 4° or greater. On walls, you have the option to lay them horizontally or vertically. In some cases rather than patching a roof it may be better to lay new sheets.

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