Out in the open

The trouble with merchandise like ours is that people often don’t know how to look after it properly. This can result in irreparable damage, therefore rendering the investment unusable. To help, we educate individuals on the subject of care in handling profiled steel sheets.

Ideally, you will want to use your sheets as soon as possible. This shall lower the chances of you harming them in some way. Sometimes however, you cannot avoid having to put these materials into storage. If you’re worried about the sheets, then you should read the advice we’ve prepared for you here.

Keep materials under cover

If there is a prolonged period before you plan to use the sheeting, ensure that you don’t leave packs out in the open. Capillary action moves water deep inside them. This leads to staining and can ruin the colour. If you want to keep the aesthetics intact, this isn’t something you want to happen. The moisture can also accelerate corrosion. Therefore, what you should do is store your sheets under cover. Position them away from doorways to lower moisture penetration.

A simple cover with a waterproof sheet

When you’re unable to store them indoors, fabricate a straightforward cover with a waterproof sheet. Permit the air to circulate by leaving room between the sheets and your cover. Deposit your packs on a slope and off the ground. This way, if rain manages to get through the top layer, it shall simply drain away.

Keep an eye out

Be sure to examine the storage site constantly to make sure that no moisture has infiltrated the stack. If your sheets end up wet, isolate them. Afterwards, use a cloth to wipe each sheet clean and place them in stacks to let the air keep everything dry.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we do our best to inform people about caring for their roofing products. With our assistance, you can prevent corrosion, scuffed or scratched profiles, distorted panels, and ruined corners. You can read more about care for steel profiled sheets on our website. There is even a useful step by step guide.

If there’s something else you’d like to know about, feel free to call us.