Never ignore roof condensation

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If your deck, roof or insulation experiences issues with water droplets it’s likely to cause you a little stress. Moisture problems that are present in the roof assembly can be because of waterproofing concerns, but this doesn’t mean that the influences of condensation should be forgotten about. Depending on what your structure is used for and where it is positioned, certain situations can lead to condensation complications.

In locales with hotter weather, the winter period becomes something of a problem. As humid air from the inside is exposed to a roof surface’s underside, the water vapour that is being transported transforms into liquid water. It’s like a cold drink that sits out in the open on a hot summer’s day. This same occurrence happens with your roof systems.

At this point, you need to be on the alert for warning signs. Be on the lookout for drips, with the best time being around midday, as this is when the sun shines its brightest and the temperature of the membrane is rising. The types of remedial action in circumstances such as these depend on how severe the condensation is, but at worst, a system replacement could prove necessary.

At Peter Wragge we supply our Anti-con lined roofing panels as a solution to condensation. For those who are unfamiliar with this product, Anti-con is a special kind of fabric film, which can absorb moisture. After absorption, the water is gotten rid of via evaporation as the day goes on.

If we’ve managed to intrigue you with Anti-con, or you’d like to invest in high quality profiles and you’d like to know more, we’d be happy to help.