Natural light helps both people and structures

We are a company that supplies fillers and lighting materials for use in system buildings. Filler blocks allow users to seal up the holes that exist between their purlins or trims and profiled sheets. Using our rooflight sheeting, you can permit diffused daylight to enter your structure. Whatever the situation calls for, we’re certain that you’ll be pleased with the performance of our utensils.

Making sure that we spend time outside and get enough sunlight is essential to our health. However, this is just one part of seeing to it that we take full advantage of natural light. As opposed to our ancestors, the majority of us don’t reside outside. Instead, we spend much of our time working inside buildings. With wellness architecture on the rise, it’s becoming more evident that natural light is beneficial for our premises as well as ourselves.

How does natural light benefit our buildings?

In regular structures, especially commercial ones, lighting accounts for a substantial quantity of the energy usage. Overall, it could contribute to roughly a third of your energy bill. Electricity is expensive, and lights can consume a lot of energy over the course of a day.

It is here where daylight comes in. The cost of installing our rooflight sheets may initially exceed that of your monthly bills. Nonetheless, after you’ve introduced them, you’ll discover that it won’t cost you anything to operate them. Overall, they do an outstanding job of lighting your building up.

Choosing natural light as your main source is going to reduce your monthly energy bills. However, this is just the beginning. You’ll be able to enjoy every other health benefit that’s attributed to better lighting, including improved concentration and fewer sick days.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we provide a wide variety of roof fillers and lighting options. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our products include an appropriate level of fire retardance. We offer numerous grades of trilite, all of which adhere to the relevant sections of BS476.

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