Money and time saving roof tile alternative

The typical roof tile, such as clay, slate and pantiles, has been around for many years. As many know, they can be quite heavy and expensive, especially if accidents occur and tiles are broken. What many aren’t aware of is the many alternatives available today. These are generally lighter and cheaper to install; with many traditional looking like usual roof tiles. One of the best options is tile form sheeting.

Sheeting can be made from a plethora of materials but primarily they are steel. The aim is to ensure the tiling looks traditional but offers added benefits.

Tile form sheeting is slowly but surely gaining the reputation it deserves. It is already popular on a myriad of commercial buildings because of the cost and time savings. The domestic sector is catching up though as property owners learn more about what the materials can offer.

So what are the common benefits of sheeting?

Cheap – As said previously, the material is cheaper to produce and therefore more affordable to purchase than the usual building materials available.

Lightweight – Similarly, sheets are lighter than normal slate and clay roof tiles. This makes it easier to cover awkward roof pitches, making the job easier job.

Versatile – Tile form sheeting can be applied on most kinds of roofs.

Strength – The material is made up of several different layers of strong material, one of which is galvanised steel.

Appealing to the eye – Just because they aren’t the real deal doesn’t mean to say they aren’t attractive. They are as realistic as can be or can come in bold colours if required.

Little to no maintenance – Lastly, the sheeting had been known to last and therefore doesn’t need much attention.

When planning on replacing your roof tiles, you may want to consider such materials. With Peter Wragge Supplies you can source high quality, tile form sheeting materials for your current project. We provide fast deliver and excellent prices.

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