Misusing sealants counts as bad flashing practice

Our business is one that specialises in providing clients with top of the range building materials. Offering an impressive range of merchandise, including the likes of flashings and gutters, we are able to assist you in meeting a wide variety of requirements. Well priced and comprised of the finest substances, our products are the ones you can rely on.

In the construction industry, there is what’s known as bad flashing practice, with the misuse of sealant being an excellent example of this. Sealants have been around for years. In certain circumstances they’ve really proven their mettle. However, they cannot be compared in terms of performance to a vigorous, mechanical metal flashing set up which has been designed in fulfilment of the 4 D’s. In particular, outstanding deflective values are favoured.

Sealant crafters and weather tightness experts alike suggest that sealant only be administered in a 2:1 ratio of width to depth. To put it in other words, it must be twice as wide as it is deep. Something that is typically seen on site and passes for a flashing is sealant that has been positioned against the powder glazed aluminium joinery and then marked with a filthy finger. This is done to manufacture a temporary seal between the window junction and cladding.

This is contradictory to proper sealant introduction and a practice as poor as this will lead to the joint failing, with leaks being the result. When not applied in the correct manner, sealant manufacturers will not warrant their merchandise. Adhering to powder is something sealants don’t do especially well and as such, flashing the door frame or window to the cladding using sealant amounts to shoddy flashing and building practice.

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