Minor redesigns can lead to prolonged disruptions

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In January, one of Adelaide’s primary arterial routes, South Road, was closed off for several days after a 1.6km section was found to have issues. This road, which is used by roughly 45,000 people each day, was shut down after one pedestrian path located on the tram overpass was found to have moved off its bearings, resulting in debris hitting the pavement underneath. The closure led to substantial traffic jams and long delays for commuters and freight at Adelaide’s south.

Repair crews worked tirelessly in an effort to secure a temporary concrete upright, or pier, to the tram. There were hopes to reopen the overpass on the same day. The closure led to many drivers becoming angered but others took advantage of the situation in humorous ways, with two people even playing tennis on the strip.

The South Australian Transport Minister had said that workers were striving to complete the temporary repairs over the weekend. At the time however, he wasn’t able to provide a finish date. It turned out that the steel pins and plates that were brought in to attach them had to be re-fabricated. When they went to install the steel fixings to pin the bridge pier to the remainder of the structure, it was discovered that minor redesigns to the fixings were necessary.

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