Metal sheets – A quality product in high demand

We dedicate ourselves to constantly providing only first class products to everyone who needs them. Many people enjoy using our metal sheets due to their versatile and beneficial characteristics.

Helping The Environment

Sheet metal is a great choice for a roofing material because it is tough yet light. When you compare it to the more commonly used asphalt tiles, sheeting is much better for the environment. This is because they are often recycled metal and can go through this again at the end of their life. Not only does this stop filling landfill sites but also requires less energy for production.

In addition lighter colour sheets refract light and heat. Therefore your structure will be cheaper to cool in hot months. It is also easy enough to add in insulation to save on energy use and bills.

Amazing Results

When it comes time to installing these sheets, you must use the right skills and tools. It is especially important to use the correct fixings. This will leave you with premier results and no leaks. You can also make the most of flashing to improve how waterproof the surface is. In the end you will have lasting quality for your needs.

Take Care

Metal sheets need the correct storage, handling and installation. Otherwise you can damage the material and find yourself needing to start over again. If you take care with the sheeting you will ensure that this high quality product leaves you with a great finish. You can also use paint to improve the end appearance.

We offer sheeting in aluminium and steel variants to allow you to pick something perfectly suited for the job at hand. Established for over 25 years, you can always depend on Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd. Whatever the purpose you deserve top grade metal sheets and we can provide them.

Alongside our sheeting we offer you additional items such as fixings and flashings. This way you only need to deal with a single supplier. In addition we ensure that they accessories are suitable for use with your sheets.

If you have any queries about the products themselves or curiosity about installation processes, we would be happy to give you advice. This is based on our extensive knowledge and experience. Don’t wait and reach out to us today at 01449 737192.