Metal cladding looks stunning on an array of buildings

When you have served the public for as long as we have, you come to understand what a client expects from you and what needs to be done to satisfy their requirements. Specialising in metal cladding and a myriad of other products, our company has helped countless people in seeking out the finest roofing and wall lining merchandise in the industry.

Due to its ease of installation and maintenance, performance and longevity, cladding is used in construction projects the world over. There are various types available, including different materials, insulated and non-insulated options, and different designs and shapes. It is vital you get the combination of material and aesthetics right.

Metal cladding take the lead for numerous reasons, among which are its brilliant weather resistance properties, excellent insulation abilities and the low maintenance requirements. In addition to being simple to install, it is also highly durable. One of the best aspects of the materials is they are recyclable. This means that they have a lower carbon footprint. You can even use cladding made from recycled metals if you want to give even more attention to protecting the environment.

Multiple substances are used in the production of metal cladding, with steel and aluminium standing out as prime examples. The latter is an extremely popular option due to its corrosion and rust resistance, making it the ideal choice for buildings in close proximity to the sea. People take advantage of steel for its pure strength and often reserve its use for industrial purposes. It also has the benefit that it can be powder coated in numerous colours.

At Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd, every one of our products is manufactured with up to date technology in order to match up with today’s building standards. If you are unsure of which product will best suit your needs, let us know so we can help. For more information about us or our stock, contact us anytime.