Maximise fire safety when using roofing sheets and composite panels

There are two huge benefits to using composite panels for cladding for roofs as well as internal and external walls. Both are due to the fact that the products are made by layering materials and bonding them together. This results in a great deal of strength and also helps to boost insulation, especially when the core is made from a very good insulator.
One concern when using composite panels is how they will perform when there is a fire. The core can be made of a wide array of different materials, including mineral fibre, polyurethane, polystyrene, and polyisocyanurate. These substances, whilst all being good insulators, behave differently when exposed to fire. For example polystyrene will shrink and melt, potentially allowing fire to spread. Mineral fibre on the other hand does not behave like this and reduces the risk of spreading.

When considering which composite panels to use it is vital to select the right core. This will ensure you achieve the strength and loading you need whilst also getting energy efficiency and fire performance right.

In order to make the right choice you need to keep the setting in mind. If there is a risk of the panels coming into close contact with fire you should select a core that will not allow the blaze to spread such as a mineral fibre core or specific non-combustible panels. On the other hand if the location is not at risk of fire you can be more selective with your products, choosing a core that will provide the characteristics you need.

At Peter Wragge Supplies we provide a wide range of roofing sheets and composite panels. With our help you can select the right materials for your needs, regardless of the scale of the project or the specific requirements. We are highly experienced and place great value on quality, stocking products that will perform to the highest standards for the longest possible period.

If you have concerns about the strength, energy performance, or fire safety of our roofing sheets and composite panels please get in touch. We will be happy to provide details and help you to select the most appropriate products for your project.