Managing condensation on the roof

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A moisture coating

Some property owners may have seen that their roof is struggling with moisture. If you are in this situation, it is likely you are having condensation trouble. It happens when the air cools down to its dew point. Alternatively, the air can become saturated to a point where water vapour is unable to hold it anymore.

This issue is not unheard of with roofs. However, it is a problem that can lead to expensive repairs. You need to take action quickly to avoid it. We can help by talking a bit about condensation and how you can tackle it.

Why does it happen?

The reason why condensation happens is straightforward. When, moist, warm air rises and encounters a cold surface, the surface starts cooling down. As that happens, the cold exterior is not able to hold all the moisture. Condensation then forms.

The exterior of a metal roof is much colder than the air inside a building. This means it is an excellent setting for all the moisture to accumulate. It can happen with any kind of roofing, including box profile sheets, metal sheeting, tiles, and more. The process often happens at night when the exterior temperatures go down even more.

Keeping things under control

Now that we know more about condensation, let’s see how we can keep it under control. One thing that can help is controlling moisture levels. That can tackle the problem at the source. However, fully eradicating the moist air usually is not possible. But, methods do exist that you can use to limit its presence inside.

Having sufficient drainage is one way. You can also produce a raised base that will lift the structure off the surface earth and enable air flow underneath. This is a particularly efficient method of restricting the entry path for moisture.

Installing the correct insulation won’t hurt either. Controlling temperatures on the exterior face of a roof is hard. However, it is possible to restrict the cold on the interior underside. Installing a top tier insulation material is the ideal way of protecting the roof from reaching the dew point and getting too cold. It can prevent the moisture issue.

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