Introducing you to step flashings

The thirty years we have been in business has given us more than enough time to transform ourselves into one of the most respected providers of building materials around. Whatever it is that you require, be it flashings and gutters, or something a little different, rest assured that it can be found with us. Reasonably priced and designed to be long lasting, ours are the products to choose.

With step flashings, there’s nothing too challenging about both creating and fitting them once you’ve gotten a grip on the basics. There are many roofers and builders out there however, who mess up even the most basic of elements. Sadly this tends to lead to a leaky roof. What we’re going to do is discuss some of the details of these flashings here. That way we can give you a better idea of what it is you are working with.

To begin with, those who are unfamiliar with them should know that step flashings permit a roof to abut brickwork. For example, they are used when roofs of a lower height encounter walls, they meet chimneys, or if conservatory roofs come across the walls.

The step as it’s called, is the pattern that’s made in the lead via a number of cuts. This enables the lead to pierce into those courses that lie between the bricks, resembling staircase steps. The reason why the steps are produced is so that we don’t have to cut the bricks, therefore leaving them unharmed. In addition, it’s also pleasing from an aesthetic point of view.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, the flashings and gutters we offer can be purpose-made to any size or shape, making them incredibly versatile. This characteristic is a crucial one, but ensuring that they also meet all the necessary aesthetic specifications is of equal importance to us.

If you are interested in purchasing our merchandise and would like to go over certain specifics with us, please get in touch.