Insulation Systems


Liner Panel Insulation Systems For Use With Current Modular Building Techniques

A comprehensive range of insulation systems is available for any type of installation. This includes rigid board insulation, composite panels, all types of fibreglass and rockwall.

Current industrial building practices place a major emphasis on the thermal efficiency of individual building components.

Permitted ‘U’ values for walls, roofs and floors exposed to external air supply to buildings in purpose groups II, III, V, VI, VII and VIII (0.45 w/m2 C recommended). Variation in ‘U’ values over a given area is acceptable providing the average value does not exceed the figure indicated above.

The thermal characteristics of (sheet) steel alone will not meet this standard, therefore some form of secondary insulation must be provided.

PWS Liner Panel Insulation Systems

Many specifiers and contractors recommend a liner panel insulant system for complete thermal efficiency. The insulation can be non-rigid such as universal wool, fibreglass or rigid plastic foamed boards. It is sandwiched between the top sheet and the liner panel.

Highly expensive energy and the thermostatic control of today’s heating systems have made necessary the use of higher insulation standards in practically all forms of industrial and commercial buildings.

A little recognised benefit of a successful insulant is its capacity not only to prevent heat escaping, but also by reducing solar heat gains during hot weather. The result is a more uniform temperature level throughout the year.


Protective gloves should be worn. In addition, the boards should always be carried on edge to prevent creasing of facing. Boards should be stacked with the white lacquered facings together.

PWS internal lining board system for under roof sheeting or inside wall cladding.

PWS internal lining board simplifies the erection procedure. This is through eliminating the need for a second skin and the usual glass fibre filling. It is the ideal system for agricultural and industrial buildings.

The internal lining board is simply sandwiched between the Roofing sheet and the ‘Z’ Purlin. A ‘T’ section support frame is used to link the panels together.


  • Liner board systems offer several features conventional insulation materials lack.
  • Liner boards provide a built-in vapour barrier on both surfaces of the board.
  • Attractive white lacquered embossed aluminium finish.
  • Liner board panels are light, durable and easy to cut.
  • Liner board panels achieve the required insulation values.
  • All internal surfaces may be pressure hosed for hygiene reasons.

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