Insulation installation is no walk in the park

For three decades, our company has prided itself on being able to deliver high calibre building materials to customers. Whatever it is you are after, be it some new insulation systems for your property, or dedicated roofing equipment, we’re certain that there’s something in our collection that’ll satisfy you. Suitable for domestic, agricultural, and industrial use, the merchandise we offer is very flexible to say the least.

While installing your own insulation is an admirable feat, it’s one of those tasks that should really be left to the experts. Crawl space and attic materials in particular are tricky to work with, and require that you have ample knowledge. There are all sorts of projects that can be completed via your own hands, but before attempting this kind of job, consider the following errors that are made by the inexperienced.

The fact is that working with insulation can be dangerous. If you’re not sufficiently safeguarded from inhaling or touching your potentially harmful materials you could experience lung irritation and skin rashes. There’s no argument to be made here for not wearing protective clothing; it’s a necessity.

Something else to note is that an alarming number of homeowners take on an installation whilst using unstable ladders, defective lighting, and when walking on shaky floorboards. Aside from being hazardous, all three also decrease the likelihood of you finishing your project.

Merely assuming that a specific model of insulation will suffice is another big mistake that people make. Instead of actually doing the research, they simply go with what looks best, as opposed to checking the R-values to see if they match the necessary structural and climate specifications. Without the proper insulation, your job won’t be very worthwhile.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we make it a point to have a comprehensive stockpile of insulation systems available that are suitable for all types of structures. Furthermore, since today’s building practices demand that certain requirements be met, our products also strive to meet them whenever they can.

If you have any questions about our goods that you’d like to ask, please don’t hesitate to contact us.