Insulating suspended flooring

When people find themselves in need of quality building components they rely on our company. Known throughout the country for the outstanding merchandise we stock, we’ve been able to satisfy the requirements of numerous customers, who have in turn recommended us. Among the most well known additions to our inventory are the insulation systems we provide, a must have for anyone who is looking to improve energy efficiency.

Floor insulation is beneficial because it means you can cut back on both draughts and energy bills, keeping the entire house heated more effectively. Floors belonging to the ground level can feel cold at the best of times and should be insulated as soon as possible. Upper ones don’t normally require insulating as long as the space or room beneath is sufficiently heated. However, if they lie above unheated areas like garages for instance, it would be advantageous to invest to insulate them.

Suspended floors are typically prime candidates for insulation. Since they’re practically situated above a void, they are more likely to lose heat. The most efficient and simplest way to insulate these floors is from the bottom, provided you have access to a basement or cellar. What you’re doing here is insulating the void underneath the floorboards. Whilst working from this position, your chosen system will have to be secured with netting, which has to be stapled to and draped between the floor joists.

If the floor can’t be reached from beneath, you shall have to take care of things from the top. This is a bit more troublesome because it consists of lifting the boards so that the insulation can be fitted between the joists. This job demands that you move your furniture, so you’re better off doing it in unison with another messy undertaking like decorating.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we offer clients a comprehensive collection of insulation systems that are compatible with any kind of installation. We understand that building regulations dictate that the thermal coherence of separate structural elements meet the necessary standards, which is why we put the extra effort in to guarantee that our products match the proper specifications.

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