Installing flashings and gutters properly is vital

As a leading supplier of flashings and gutters in the UK, we can preach in-depth understanding of their installation. Keeping this in mind, we also know guttering is vital for drawing water away from your home. Their efficiency surprises most due to the simple design. However, the systems aren’t so useful if installed incorrectly.

What happens with poorly fitted guttering?

If the installation of gutters is incorrect it can cause leaks. Along with this, it interrupts the flow of water away from your property. If this happens it can result in severe water damage. Some of the areas where damage is most likely include roofs, floor foundations and walls. Poor fitting is fairly common issue sadly. This is due to the fact that many contractors lack the proper training.

Something called the drip edge is often installed incorrectly. It’s fitting is a requirement under many building regulations, particularly for asphalt material roofs. Keeping this in mind, its design ensures rainwater flows appropriately off of your roof. When it flows away, it either enters your guttering or drops to the ground.

How to properly install a drip edge

When fitting a drip edge, it needs a furring strip for proper installation. This helps by standing the edge away from rafter tails and the fascia. In instances where it’s right against the fascia, it creates surface tension. As a result this makes water run underneath the soffit.

Obviously, avoiding stagnant water around your home is vital because it can cause rot and other serious damage. The easiest way to do this is to choose durable products and ensure they are installed correctly. This will reduce the risk of leaks and pooling.

Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd understands the importance of choosing the right products and installing them correctly. This is why we provide high quality flashings and gutters. Not only this, but we strive to give people the advice they need to install everything properly.

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