If you need a roof replacement use box profile sheets

box profile sheets

We are a company that has built a name for itself by supplying a wide array of high quality building products. This includes steel box profile sheets, as well as other designs. In addition, we sell accessories that go together with our merchandise. Regardless of your reasons for needing them, you will find that our goods serve you well.

An alternative option

Box profile roof sheets give you an alternative to the standard corrugated steel roofing options. They are very lightweight and economical. However, even though they are low cost, the sheeting is durable and will last. Moreover, it is easy to install them. As a result, the job will only take a short amount of time.

Better drainage

Box profile sheeting is one of the most effective options in terms of drainage. The shape can allow water to drain away effectively, making them much better for wet areas. It is also more beneficial to install a roof that comes with concealed gutters. This is because it shall provide you with a superior drainage set up and a neater presentation.

The ideal investment

When you replace a roof you want your investment to last. One thing you don’t want is to find that the new materials will need replacing within a few years. Steel sheeting is perfect here. If you have concerns about corrosion you can choose sheets that have a protective coating. It is easy to find products that have been galvanised with zinc. You can also find options that have been painted to protect them.

When it comes to upfront, installation, maintenance, and replacement costs, box profile sheeting is the perfect choice. It is superior to many other options and also looks great.

The easy way to order box profile sheets

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we have our steel and aluminium sheeting available in around 20 colours. You can also choose from a myriad of coatings, including plastic and plain galvanised options. In addition, we can offer advice if you need to replace a roof.

If you would like to discover more about our box profile sheets, feel free to contact us. In addition, you can browse our website and find lots of useful info.