How to work with box profile sheets

Box profile sheets are a modern solution for roofing needs. They can provide people with amazing quality for an affordable cost. The sheeting has a modern appearance, as a result it is suitable for use on domestic buildings and industrial ones. If you are looking for something stable to use when you want to roof a structure, this can help you achieve great results.


Just as how we take care to provide you with amazing products, you need to be careful with how you handle and use them. This stops the sheets becoming damaged.

You can cut the sheeting to size on site, something which is helpful when the time comes to fit them. It also helps keep wastage to a minimum. This should be done using a stable surface so that the sheets do not become distorted. It also ensures you achieve a clean cut. On top of the sheets we offer flashing to help with the edges that you have cut.


You can use the box profile sheets to create a roof or to clad an existing one. To ensure that you achieve something watertight that looks great, you need to securely fit them in place. This includes there being no gaps and using the necessary fixings. Take care not to fasten them too tight as this can damage the sheeting. We can use our expertise to provide you with advice on installation and more if you would like.

This is a product that offers both unwavering strength and longevity. The innovative design, modern manufacturing, and light weight, allow for ease of installation. This is as well as a finish that you can have confidence in. The profiles are high quality materials that are perfect for customers with industrial, agricultural, leisure, and retail buildings.

Whether you have an interest in our box profile sheets, fixings, or another item, you can count on us. Across our 30+ years, we have built a strong reputation through the quality of our customer service and products. We are very proud of this, which is why we are more than happy to assist customers through advice and answering queries.

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