How important is effective roof insulation?

The wide range of specialist products that we stock allows you to find the right match for your job. For example, we supply people with premier insulated roofing sheets. These are perfect for anything from a DIY project to large scale professional jobs. They give high levels of thermal performance in various climates and also require little maintenance.


Normal roofing on its own is not enough to provide you with what your building needs, whether it is small or large. This is because heat rises and escapes this way, and buildings often take in heat from the sun too. Caring for the roof is therefore essential to save you money and worries. With the help of insulated sheeting, there will be no more excess heat or freezing conditions. Throughout the year you can have reliable temperatures to keep your building and the contents safe.


When you have the right tools and experience while carrying out the installation, you get a sleek, high quality look. This sheeting is ideal for industrial, domestic and commercial buildings. They get made with stringent quality standards in mind. This enables the sheets to meet the necessary building regulations. We also take pride in matching the high expectations that our customers have when they work with us.

Who said achieving energy efficiency couldn’t also be aesthetically pleasing? Installation is relatively simple and doesn’t take long. You can then have effective roofing in place and obtain the necessary U-value. For lightweight strength and exceptional value, reach out to us.

With over 30 years of work behind Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd, you can trust us. We care about you and your project and have extensive experience in our line of work.

Whether you are interested in first class products like insulated roofing sheets or advice, feel free to contact us. You can receive both top of the line assistance and many other products that may be beneficial to you.