How do flashings work in tandem with windows?

For three decades our company has been supplying first class building products to its clients. With such an extensive collection of merchandise, which includes the likes of flashings and gutters, we are confident that we can assist you with procuring the necessary materials. Brilliantly priced and as versatile as they come, our goods are the ones for you.
Flashings can be made of composite substances, plastics, or sheet metal. The latter type offers the highest level of durability; because of this it tends to be among the most costly. Stainless steel and copper are also viable choices. Plastic based flashings, which are typically comprised of PVC, are cheaper substitutes to metallic options, but you have to take care when they become exposed. With direct sun contact, they can wear out easily, suffering from shrinkage and cracking.

Generally, metal flashings are selected when working with dormer windows. Flashing squares are introduced underneath every row of roofing material. They can also be utilised as strips, running around your dormer and beneath the roofing. Dissimilar to other windows that one finds in their property, the flashing also expands into a frontal apron, and overlaps the roof’s materials. Since window and dormer variations differ between houses, a unique solution is likely to be needed.

Flashings that exist around skylights tend to be uninterrupted additions. By using a wooden curb to raise the skylights, enough space can be given to the flashing. If you happen to be reroofing your home, you might have to remove or elevate your skylight so that components can be installed.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our products can be purpose made to suit any size and shape requirements. The standard range of flashings that we provide complement our cladding and roofing merchandise very nicely, making them an excellent investment if you need the whole set.

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