How can you properly cut box profile sheets?

While box profiles can be a great product to work with, they can be an awkward material to get ready for installation. In this article, you can learn about how best to cut box profile sheets. You can then make sure that you get the best results possible. This allows you to prepare for the weather and provides a great opportunity to replace any old and worn sheets.

Where should you cut?

You might be planning to cut in situ but stop and think about other options first. This is an approach that has a number of health and safety concerns you really need to keep in mind. In addition, you have to consider whether you are able to produce a perfect cut.

When it comes time to cut, try putting the sheet somewhere flat with the face down. Make sure you use padded supports too when sitting it in place. This will make sure it is raised off the ground and prevents profile structure damage that occurs when you have inflexible supports.

What tools should you use?

The rule you want to keep in mind with tools when cutting is to opt for an option that won’t produce too much heat. The reason for this is that you don’t want to damage the sheet coating.

Consider a fine tooth metal cutting blade with your circular saw when you are doing straight longer cuts in order to produce a ‘cold cut’. On the other hand, if you have smaller cuts you need to make, go for a reciprocating saw or a jigsaw.

A valuable product

Box profile sheets act as another option instead of using traditional corrugated steel roofing. When you choose the profiles for your roof, you will have something that is light in weight as well as economical. Installation is also easy so it won’t be long before you have a great product in place. The popularity of these sheets is due to the tremendous thermal and anti-corrosion properties they have.

There are a wide range of roofing sheets on the market. These are available in various finishes as well as an array of colours. This way, you don’t have to make any compromises with the aesthetics. You can then opt for a design that looks great for your project.

These products are incredibly stable, and are often the first choice for builds of all kinds. This includes the agricultural, domestic, and industrial sectors.

Where to get the best box profile sheets

If you are going to purchase supplies for your project, you need to make sure they are the best quality whilst also being affordable. We provide a range of steel profiles for the roof and walls. In addition to box profile sheets, we offer insulation systems, fillers & lighting, and more.

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