High quality corrugated sheets for cost effective uses

Our range of corrugated sheets ensures you receive a top grade product perfect for various projects. They offer an array of benefits including low costs as well as versatility. Not many materials are suitable for as many different uses.


Whether you are completing a DIY job or professional project, this is a material with numerous applications. It can find use as a roof material, siding and more. This is ideal for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. There is even a range in the dimensions and thicknesses available.

This is a lasting product that will stay in place and continue to do the job required. With additional fixings, you can ensure the final result is free of gaps and completely secure. Installation is a smooth process; because of the light weight it is easy to handle. This is ideal for when people have concerns about the load.

Great Qualities

You can create the ideal aesthetic for your needs with corrugated sheets. If necessary you can cut them to shape. On top of this is the ability to add on a layer of paint to increase the durability. This sheeting has an excellent fire rating due to the material being non-combustible. Despite all these benefits and the strength, you don’t have to worry about dealing with heavy weights either.

In terms of using the sheets as roofing, you can achieve the right layering to help keep water away. Even in adverse weather it does a fine job at staying strong and also taking care of the noise.

Whatever the specifications for your project, Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd can help. We provide people with various components alongside advice on areas like installation and more. Our selection of products includes corrugated sheets, cladding and profiles among others. Therefore we are the perfect place to buy all of your products.

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