Handy advice for installing corrugated roofing

People have been using corrugated roofing for many years and likely will in the future too. You can often find it in use on garages and sheds. While this is a style of roofing that is fairly easy to install, you need to make sure that you know what you are doing before you start.

How much do you need?

This will sound obvious, but make sure you have the right number of sheets. Measure the roof length and breadth of one side. You will then need to multiply these numbers and double the answer to get the square footage of the roof. Make sure you have enough sheeting to cover it, factoring in the design and any overlaps.

Lay the tar paper

You can place tar paper if the wood on the roof is in good condition. Firstly though, you should rip off any old material that is already there and replace it. Overlap the rolls by a minimum of 4 inches and staple them to the wood to create a moisture barrier.

Fit the first sheet

Make sure that you lay closure strips beneath where the screws will go before you fasten any corrugated roofing in place. Ensuring the sheets run up towards the ridge of the roof, place a sheet at a bottom corner with an overhang of 2 inches on each edge. Drill your hole in the top corner, not on the ridge but on the dip of the corrugation.

Lay the rest of the row

You can install the rest of the row after you fit the first sheet. Ensure the sheets overlap by 4 inches at least and add caulk where they do so. You should make sure they overhang the end of the building by 2 inches.

Move to the next rows

corrugated roofing

Fit the next row of roofing with the bottom over the top of the first row. This will allow water to flow down the roof. Keep adding rows until you get to the ridge line. You will then need to place the top row so that it does not extend beyond the ridge. The sheets should just touch on each side. After this you will need to fit ridge roofing.

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