Handling a roof waterproofing operation

To keep your products in top condition, care in handling profiled steel sheets is a subject that you will want to make yourself familiar with. Every profile sheet that is supplied from us is created using pre-coated steel. A substantial degree of care is required in the production, storage, and handling before any are dispatched. To make certain that your profiles offer you supreme results, we make it a point to handle and store our merchandise with great care whilst they are on site.

When it comes to handling profiled sheets during waterproofing work, it’s crucial to consider a number of factors. Whilst you are dealing with any metal sheet you need to identify the protective coating in place, as many require special priming and preparation products depending on what coating specification has been proposed.

Good practice should consist of waterproofing the gutter before doing so to the sheets themselves. Even if you own a twin skin structure, the leaks can still manifest in the gutter area. Before applying a new roof coating specification, every fault found in your survey needs attending to.

Quite a lot of profiled sheet roofs also suffer from complications that influence the profile filler components at eaves and ridge details. They could have expired, been removed by birds, or might have come loose as the years passed by. This enables wind driven rain to blow beneath the capping and inside the building. In due course, this will show as water ingress at the gutters or sheet laps.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we have a page on our website that is dedicated towards care in handling profiled steel sheets. The page is designed to act as a guide of sorts. On it you shall discover some of the most frequent on-site issues related to wall and steel roof cladding. This is information you should take a good look at to ensure you can take steps to avoid problems.

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