Getting those measurements for your metal roof

Our business has a long history of supplying various building products to its customers. As a result, we believe we are in the best position to help everyone get what they want. Our inventory includes corrugated roofing, as well as metal cladding, and a full range of accessories.

Obtaining an accurate measurement for metal roofing panels might seem like an obvious task to do. However, the job is not as straightforward as length x width. The various twists and turns of a rooftop have to be taken into account. This is the only way to make certain that your numbers add up. For example, anything that ends up intruding on your roof plane has to be included in drawings. After all, these conditions shall influence the measurements. The trouble is that people often overlook them. There are some specific conditions you will have to keep in mind prior to getting your hands on the measuring tape.

The type of roofing system

One thing you will need to consider here is the type of roof system you are working with. It may be an exposed fastener system or a standing seam roof system. As soon as you figure out what you are using, it is wise to review the details/conditions. If you are going for a standing seam roof, the system might have to float. Should this be the case, ask yourself what direction it will float and where you are going to pin it.

The age of the build

It is also important to find out whether yours will be an existing or new building. If it is the former, there could be some more recent building codes for you to think about. This may end up dictating the width gauge, or panel type. You might need some extra framing members, which could influence the final measurements. If you ever need corrugated roofing though, give our team a call.

Penetrations, overhangs, and extensions

Find out whether there are going to be any penetrations, overhangs, or extensions too. Include any overhangs or roof extensions that might not be initially apparent. You should consider any and all roof conditions when you calculate trim and panel length. This includes things like skylight hatches, roof curbs, and pipes.

Helpful tips

We also have a couple of measuring tips you can use while you are on the job. For one thing, when you measure, the structure should be square. Measuring framing that is plumb and square will yield the most accurate results.

Another great idea would be to use a plan view of your roof. Alternatively, you can sketch a bird’s eye view in order to produce your measurements.

Order the corrugated roofing you need

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we are always happy to provide any quantity of supplies that you require. We deliver our goods to nearly everywhere in the UK. In addition, we can distribute them to UK mainland ports for the sake of export.

So, if you are looking to get your hands on our corrugated roofing, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also speak to us if you need any help deciding what sheets to choose.