Galvanisation is a requirement

We are a company with a history that goes back three decades. During this time, we have supplied customers with the greatest building materials on the market. This includes steel fixings, vital components that we use during countless projects. Each one comes with a zinc coating for extra protection and they undergo heat treatment to give them mechanical strength.

Whenever people make the decision to construct a pergola, deck, or something similar in nature, it’s likely they will encounter some very common mistakes. They typically appear during the construction. What we intend to do here is cover one of these habitual blunders.

A lack of galvanisation can cost you

It is important to galvanise steel fixings, regardless of the design. This includes screws, nails, and bolts. The iron in steels means they are at risk of corrosion unless additional elements are introduced into the alloy. Some alloys lack the strength necessary for fixings though. The best solution is to use a stronger steel with a higher iron content and give the material a protective coating.

Galvanisation adds a coating of zinc. This not only protects the substrate; it also provides a consistent grey finish. These types of fixings are more expensive than uncoated ones. Nevertheless, if you fail to utilise them, your deck may need repairing in the next two years. This will prove to be more costly. It’s the zinc coating’s job to safeguard the steel from the corrosive chemical reactions triggered by the tannins in timber and moisture.

If you follow the advice we’ve given you here, you shouldn’t have too many problems when using your fixings.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, all our fixings are made of quality steel and possess outstanding drilling attributes. With certain parts, there’s also the option to include special high performance coatings.

If you wish to know more about our steel fixings and other merchandise, you’re welcome to contact us whenever you like.