Fixing Lead Apron Flashings

Customers expect the best from their products and that is precisely what we strive to offer. Therefore customers can buy from us with complete confidence. Some notable favourites would have to be our flashings and gutters. Purpose made to match everyone’s distinct specifications; it’s no surprise that so many people rely on them for their own projects.

Experts use a series of everyday flashings in the construction industry. At the top of this list, we find the likes of Lead Apron flashing, which we also refer to as cover flashings. Despite the frequency of use, many individuals don’t know how to handle the products correctly. What we are going to do here is talk about the proper way to fix them in the event they end up damaged.

Lead bung method

The standard approach towards repairing these flashings is to create a lead bung, also called chocks. You make them by rolling a 25mm lead strip up into an oval formation. It needs to be slightly wider than the mortar chase you’re attempting to mend. You must then drive in beneath the facet of your bricks to build a wedge.

Just remember that brickwork can lose its stability if your lead wedge is too big for the chase to manage. The above technique can be tricky to use, but it’s one of the most worthwhile choices available to you.

Alternative solutions

There are substitutes to using the classic lead bung, like nylon flashing and hall clips for instance. One advantage to employing them is that they’re quicker and easier to work with if you’re using an enormous run of flashings. Furthermore, you’ll be able to save money on hiring a professional.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, in addition to our purpose created flashings, we also stock Z purlins and the sleeved purlin complex. We designed our goods to be practical, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Moreover, they are fully capable of complementing our cladding and roofing merchandise.

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