Fillers & Lighting


Filler blocks and translucent glass fibre sheets for system buildings

All accessories, lighting and fixings are available for any application.


Filler blocks are an essential component in the make-up of modern constructions. When correctly specified and filled, the filler blocks seal the cavities between the profiled sheets and the purlins or trims. To perform as a true weather barrier the fillers should exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Adequate compress ability
  • Closed cell structure with no porosity
  • Heat retention properties
  • Long-life without embrittlement

A variety of PWS fillers are available for various applications including; angled filler blocks for hip roof designs and ventilated fillers for environments where condensation problems may prevail. This type of filler enables air to circulate properly.

Rooflight Sheeting

Trilite profiled translucent glass fibre reinforced polyester sheets and double skin rooflights allow diffused daylight into the building.

All translucent sheeting has a colourless appearance with a fine random texture of the underlying glass fibre/resin composite.

The resins themselves contain UV inhibitors and fire retardance.

Fire Retardance

Various grades of Trilite are available which comply with relevant parts of BS476.