Explaining the preference for cold formed steel

Certain building materials are nothing without the components that keep them together. The tricky thing though is sourcing high quality merchandise that possesses the right characteristics. Fortunately, our steel fixings are the very best on the market.

Cold formed steel is very popular because it offers more strength and durability. It comes in many forms including steel strip, sheet, or plate. Typically, the plates experience one of two operations, with these being cold roll forming or press breaking. It is here where they’re moulded according to the necessary provisions. Press breaking is the process of choice whenever straightforward shapes in small sums are necessary. Professionals prefer to use cold roll forming for the bigger materials.


The next thing we are going to talk about is the benefits of using this type of steel. For starters, it’s strong and enduring. When we say that this variety of steel is stronger than its heated counterpart, we’re not saying that the latter is weak. It’s actually quite the opposite. Since there is no heat, the chance of flaws developing reduces dramatically. By extension, this also eliminates certain future weaknesses.

Sustainability is another reason why this material is popular. It is one of the most recyclable substances on the planet. This means that you can reuse what’s left after your project’s conclusion. Additionally, it’s resistant to many man-made and natural calamities, including fire and pests. This heightens both the steel’s sustainability and longevity, especially when you compare it to classic wood construction mediums.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we mechanically cover our steel fixings using zinc alongside a dichromate passivation. The result is additional protection. For some of our components, we include distinctive high performance overlays too. That way they should last a very long time.

If our goods have caught your attention and you’d like more information about them, feel free to get in touch. We are happy to answer questions and help clients to choose the right steel fixings. Whatever building materials you are dealing with, we can advise you.