Does your cladding meet the water tightness conditions?

Each company has its own area of expertise, with our own being building materials. Stocking a wide selection of materials, including the likes of high calibre profiles, we have the means necessary to meet customer requirements of varying natures. Reasonably priced and made to last, our merchandise should be your only consideration.

When choosing wall profiles, it’s essential that you opt for a design that comes with a fair degree of water tightness. For those who don’t know, this is the occurrence of trying to stop water and similar liquids from getting from one side of your wall to the other. The principal concerns with water tightness and construction are the joints and penetrations, in addition to the actual substances used to create the cladding.

For profiles, you must be aware of two particular measurements. Porosity stands as the ratio for the opening’s volume and represents the storage capabilities of your material. Permeability is the other primary measurement. What it does is display how simple it is for fluids to make their way through the porous goods.

During the manufacturing process, it’s crucial that the targets for each of these measurements are met. If they are, water tightness won’t be much of a threat. Special attention must also be paid to the penetrations and joints, considering that they tend to be the Achilles heel that, when exposed, lead to structural harm.

A great idea when working with wall profiles and cladding would be to have them tested. Whether they are on a massive mock-up or inside a laboratory, these assessments will be able to tell you how strong your measures are.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our profile products are suitable for both wall and roofing projects. Designed to meet structural and aesthetic specifications, the cladding we supply takes the best of each world and merges them together to generate a first class product.

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