Do you need to cut corrugated sheets?

There are lots of great products to choose from if you want to use sheeting for a roof or to clad walls. Corrugated sheets remain a really good option because they are durable and long lasting. You can also get them in a range of colours and finishes. However, you need to take care when you use them. You need to handle, place, cut, and install them safely, making sure you don’t damage them.

Always get advice first

With some projects it is necessary to cut some of the sheeting. You may need this to account for things on the roof like skylights or openings on the facade like windows. Whatever the case, it is important to get advice before you start cutting. If you rush in, you may ruin some of the sheets and waste your money.

Ideally you should consult someone who can give you advice about cutting the sheets properly. You need to ensure the products will still meet the relevant safety standards. It may even be necessary to do another risk assessment.


Before cutting you should also make sure you get the measurements right. Make sure you measure the whole surface. This is the best way to establish how much you need to cut off certain corrugated sheets. You can mark these up carefully to ensure you have clear lines to follow when you do cut them.

Stay on the ground

One of the most dangerous things you can do is attempt to cut the sheets while they are on a roof or on scaffolding. You should never risk this. Instead, it is better to do the cutting from the safety of the ground. Ensure you use support with padding so you don’t lay the sheets directly on the floor. This will help to avoid scratching them. The support can also keep the sheeting flat and level.

Think about heat

Another thing you need to avoid is generating too much heat when you are cutting the corrugated sheets. If you fail to do this you could damage the protective coating on the sheet. Ideally you should cut using hand tools. However, if you need to use power tools you should choose a cutter with a fine tooth blade that can offer a cold cut.


A final thing to think about is how you will protect the edge of the sheet you have cut. The cutting will remove the protective coating, exposing the metal underneath. You should never rush straight into installing the sheeting. Instead, you should touch up the edge to give it a new coat. This can prevent corrosion.

Ask us about corrugated sheeting

Many people don’t know how great this kind of metal sheeting can be. In a lot of cases they simply see if as roofing for sheds and old agricultural buildings. However, it can be a really good alternative to other roof materials. Plus, it can be great for cladding and giving facades an interesting aesthetic.

Peter Wragge Supplies is proud to include corrugated sheets in our collection of quality products. You can buy from us with confidence that we have done all of our checks to make sure everything is in order. Plus, you get this for a fantastic price.

So, if you want to place an order or need advice about roof materials, please contact us. We help clients in various industries and can offer a full service when necessary.