Details to remember when insulating roofs at rafter level

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Re-covering roofs

In many scenarios, property owners need to re-cover over half of the surface of their current roof. It is here where you must make a Building Regulations application. Not to mention, the Regulations demand that you insulate your roof as part of the efforts.

When there is a room within the roof, insulating at the rafter level can prove to be very tough. The danger here is the chance of you creating condensation. This results in mould and will harm the structure’s fabric soon enough.

Positioning the insulation

Something that is equally as vital is where you place your insulation. While at the rafter level, you may need to raise your roof line. You need to do so by using counter battens and insulating sarking boards.

One thing to note here however is raising the roof causes technical and visual issues. These are not restricted to listed and historic constructs either. If your project is focusing on semi-detached or social housing, it might not be possible for you to raise the roofline.

There is a detail you may not be aware of though. It is that particular insulating breather membranes permit you to improve the insulation. In addition, you can manage the condensation. This is all without a change to the roofline. Better still, you can realise this without ruining the interior. Contact us if you require insulated roofing sheets for your project.

Considerations to make

You will want to consider several points for situations like these as well. For one thing, rafter depth could restrict the amount of insulation you can install. Moreover, it might not be possible or practical to place extra insulation on the underside.

In scenarios where the rafters are shallow, you can accommodate a limited degree of insulation. By shallow, we mean less than 75mm.

If you have a plaster and lath ceiling, forcing your insulation into the rafter space could disfigure it.

Vapour resistance

Another fact is that the capacity of the breather membranes to separate moisture from your roof depends on the ceiling’s vapour resistance. The majority of present day ceilings don’t have a layer specifically for vapour control. As a result, you should check to see whether you need a ventilated void.

A great source of insulated roofing sheets

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