Daylight exposure leads to a more efficient workforce

During our time as a company, we have been the trusted source for clients when they are looking to buy top quality roofing products. Our roof lighting is amongst our most highly sought after merchandise, thanks largely to the fact that they are available for a substantial array of applications. Reasonably priced and carefully manufactured; these products should be the first ones you consider choosing.

One thing that our roof lighting does best is provide the structure with an ample supply of natural light. This may not seem very important to you initially, but for the workplace in particular, natural light can be incredibly beneficial in terms of performance.

Researchers from Chicago’s Northwestern University reported a few years ago that the negative effects of working within an environment lacking natural light are a universal occurrence. Studies had concluded that there exists a strong correlation between an office worker’s quality of life and sleep, and daylight exposure in work.

When compared with those office workers who lacked natural light, everyone who did work in an environment with light had as much as 173% more exposure. On average, these individuals managed to sleep 46 minutes more each night than those without natural lighting.

Individuals without light also reported lower scores than the others on various aspects of their life that related to vitality and physical issues. Their outcomes in regards to daytime dysfunction, as well as sleep efficiency, quality and disturbances were also poorer.

At Peter Wragge we understand that a lack of light can be problematic for all kinds of industrial and commercial properties. We highly recommend that you invest in our trilite profiled translucent glass fibre reinforced polyester sheets and double skin roof lighting. They permit diffused daylight to enter the premises, acting as a source of natural light.

If you are interested in our merchandise and would like more information, then we would be happy to help with any enquiries.