Cover the gaps and leave the old insulation alone

It’s our job to supply an array of high quality building products at great prices. Our inventory is rather broad, and includes various insulation systems, as well as other materials. Suitable for use with new modular building strategies, our systems would be a wise investment for you.

Countless DIYers take part in projects that are far beyond their abilities. They also often fail to realise their errors before it’s too late. When it comes to insulating your place of work or home, we suggest calling the professionals to handle all the grunt work. If you insist on taking the DIY path however, you should be aware of and avoid the following miscalculations.


Be sure not to leave lots of gaps. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make. Insulation and gaps that aren’t secured properly can leave your structure vulnerable to the likes of moisture leaks and air. The ideal approach for managing open areas and small cracks is spray foam. Alternatively, you can employ caulk if the spaces are especially compact.

Handling old insulation

There are also problems relating to the removal of old insulating materials. Unless there’s mould, you wouldn’t remove the old insulation during a DIY effort. Certain old products could contain asbestos and let toxic particles out into the air if you damage them. This reason alone is enough for you to leave them be. Instead, if the circumstances permit it, you should add your new insulation to that which already exists. During situations where you can’t do this, you should consult the advice of an expert.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, our liner board insulation systems consist of several features. For example, they’re easy to cut, light, and durable, and can obtain the required insulating values. Whilst handling them, you should always wear protective gloves. You also need to carry them on the edge to stop facing or creasing.

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