Corrugated sheets vs roof tiles

Roof tiles are still the most popular option for roofing in the UK. However, corrugated sheets have become a very good alternative. There are many reasons people choose to use them. As a leading supplier we wanted to have a closer look at them and why more people should consider sheeting.


Roof tiles can last as long as 50 years and survive in all kinds of weather. However, they do experience wear. Once they lose their protective coating, they can become brittle and fail. Corrugated sheets can last a similar length of time. They also have a protective coating that can wear away but it is possible to replace this. As a result they can last longer.


Both roof tiles and metal sheets will need some upkeep. However, tiling tends to require more as it can be a very hospitable place for moss, algae and lichen. They hold on to the rough surface and can feed on the minerals in the tiles. Sheets on the other hand are smooth and don’t contain anything these organic materials want to feed on. Many of them even have a protective treatment against the growths. They can get dirty and require cleaning, but this is less maintenance.


While both can last a long time, there will come a point where a replacement is necessary. With tiles this can be a tricky, time consuming job. This is because of how the roofing is built. The tiling will overlap to prevent water from getting into the roof. However, if you need to replace a tile you need to remove a full row or several to do so. This takes a lot of time and effort. With sheeting, it is a pretty simple case of replacing the old section. It is a faster, lower cost job.


Roof tiles are heavy, whether they are concrete, slate, or any other stone. As a result you need roof joists and beams, walls and foundations capable of supporting this. Corrugated sheets on the other hand are lightweight. That means they put much less pressure on the property. This can save on the amount of concrete needed in the foundations, making projects greener.


You can get tiles made from a range of different materials. As a result there is a lot of choice in terms of colour. However, roof sheets have far more options. You can choose from even more colours and get a roof that looks incredible.


When it comes to insulating properties, metal is far ahead of any kind of tile. It can effectively trap heat within a property and also reflects light and heat very well. As a result it can keep a property warm inside and also reduce the risk of overheating and having to use air conditioning or electric fans.

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