Corrugated roofing sheets provide faster runoff

Corrugated roofing sheets are fantastic on properties where water needs to be redirected swiftly away from them. This includes all kinds of industrial buildings. The channels in the design facilitate fast runoff and mean there is very little potential of pooling occurring. This in turn means the risk of a leak is lower.

The sheeting can work really well on roofs with steep sloping sides, outperforming most other materials. The steel has a smooth surface that results in minimal friction with the water, allowing quicker runoff. Materials like shingles and tiles have a rougher surface and the water moves slower as a result.

This kind of roof sheeting is also preferred in areas where algae, insects, and water damage are all a problem. The steel is durable so it is not vulnerable to pests or at risk of rotting. The sheets can also be specially coated to prevent the growth of organic materials like algae. The end result is a longer lasting roof.

When dealing with corrugated roofing sheets it is vital they are handled properly. Yes the steel is durable but that doesn’t mean it is invulnerable to denting, scratching, and other forms of damage. The materials should be stored properly, cut carefully if they need to be adapted, and installed professionally. If you don’t take care in handling the profiled steel sheets the lifecycle will suffer.

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