Corrugated roofing for all kinds of projects

Peter Wragge Supplies can provide you with various products for roofs and walls. This includes things such as corrugated roofing that is available in steel, aluminium, or fibre cement. We can cater for any size order, supplying any amount of materials that you require. We can deliver these to most of the UK, as well as to mainland ports for exporting.


Corrugated roofing has been around for a long time. It is a favoured choice amongst agricultural and commercial building owners. This is most likely because of the fact that it is affordable to get a hold of and is easy to use to set up your own structures.

The sheeting is great for all kinds of projects, small or large, professional as well as DIY. If you’d like we can offer you first-class advice developed from our 30+ years of work.

A Great Choice

The use of these sheets goes beyond the affordability though. The corrugated design allows for increased stiffness and durability. This means you will have a steady structure that can withstand various weather conditions.

More homeowners are turning away from traditional roof tiles and embracing new ideas such as corrugated roofing. It is a sustainable option that some people like to choose to help keep their home cool. You can have a building that looks great and brings distinction against others around it.

One shock for many people is the noise levels. They expect a product like this to be very loud when weather conditions like rain and hail come, but it is the opposite. They are a lightweight material that will continue to be a great asset to you for years to come.

Peter Wragge Supplies Ltd is happy to work with all kinds of people. This includes those from the domestic, agricultural and industrial sectors. For high quality corrugated roofing you need only get in touch. You may also be interested in our other items such as profiles, insulation systems, flashings and gutters among many others.