Cleaning and using sealants with polycarbonate sheets

Building materials are our forte and it has been this way ever since the company’s founding some thirty years ago. Providing customers with a large assortment of goods, including roofing sheets and composite panels, we’ve been able to give them the means necessary to complete the projects that they’re working on. Available for a rational price and designed to last, our merchandise should be the first to consider.

If you are working with polycarbonate roof sheets, chances are that you will almost assuredly require a sealant. This is especially true if you are going to attach your capping bead along the roof’s bottom border. In scenarios such as these, you should always employ a non-hardening sealant as it shall permit the sheets to contract and expand.

Whilst selecting silicone sealants, double check that your chosen variant is compatible with polycarbonate and plastic. Anyone who opts to use a different kind may find their equipment experiencing cracking and discolouration. In addition, the polycarbonate might end up becoming brittle due to the curing agents.

When it comes to cleaning your polycarbonate, hosing your roofing sheets annually will assist greatly in preventing grime development. If the need to wipe down the material arises, only make use of mild detergents and water, along with a sponge or soft cloth. Don’t use an abrasive cloth or cleaner because the exterior shall become scratched, with the task of maintaining your roof rising in difficulty as a result. If marks begin to manifest on your sheets, avoid using solvents. With split paint, you can use white spirit as long as the surplus is cleared away afterwards.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, the roofing sheets and composite panels we stock adhere to today’s building regulations. One of the most notable qualities possessed by our building utensils is that they can be used together with some of the PWS collection of accessories, including the fixings and sealants.

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