Cavity systems are more of a back up than a solution

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The cavity system is something that was incorporated into New Zealand structures in order to help with the leaky home issue and is definitely a step in the correct direction. It isn’t a perfect solution though. The cavity wasn’t intended to be a foil for terrible flashing practices. This cavity, which is basically a 20mm thick full stud length plastic, polystyrene or timber batten, manufactures a 20mm gap between the timber framing and the cladding’s rear.

Cavity construction’s objective is to permit occasional water leaks that penetrate the initial defensive line, the flashing’s deflection attributes, to harmlessly drain out to the wall’s bottom, but on the far side of the cladding line to the outside. Of course, it’s more ideal if water doesn’t penetrate your cladding and none lies behind it. Here is where it may end up trapped by a cavity blockage or due to the insulation, which has been coerced into position, and has blocked the 20mm cavity.

While cavity construction is decent, flashing set-ups that outright stop water from getting in is a much better option. Regrettably, a typical response with bad flashing practice is that the cavity shall take care of things. The fact however is that they aren’t internal downpipes. Instead, they’re supposed to be an intermittent back up option until normal maintenance locates and repairs the faults found in the flashing system.

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