Care In Handling Profiled Steel Sheets

A guide to on-site handling and cutting of profiled steel sheets

All PWS profile sheets are manufactured from pre-coated steel. Throughout the manufacturing process great care is taken in the production, handling and storage prior to despatch.

To ensure that you get the best possible results from your PWS profiles, equal care and attention must be provided on-site in handling and storage.

This page is intended as a guide to main problem areas, which can result in damage or deterioration.

Illustrated you will find a variety of the most common on-site problems associated with steel roof and wall cladding.

Inevitably the finished structure is a reflection of how effective the on-site care and handling has been. Scratched or scuffed profiles, damaged corners, distorted panels and corrosion can all be avoided.

All it takes is to follow basic good housekeeping principals, several of which are illustrated. We recommend that, as with all roof profiles, mastic sealant or tape be applied to all side laps and in particularly exposed environments that side laps be stitched or riveted.