Can natural lighting influence energy costs?

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Daylight is something that has been praised for its numerous health and aesthetic characteristics by both researchers and designers alike. For example, scientists from New York’s Lighting Research Centre reported that working environments with good daylight enhance an inhabitant’s comfort and productivity. In addition, they supply the proper visual and mental stimulation to modulate our circadian rhythms. However, there are other advantages to introducing natural light into your premises.

Making use of natural lights can also contribute towards energy savings. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration and the Department of Injury, electrical lights that are present in structures utilise over 15% of all the electricity that’s produced in the country.

Independent field studies on natural light that have been published during the past 20 years have come up with a collection of results. These include experiencing an expansion in energy usage thanks to heightened voltage used to power lights left on after hours and outperforming expected savings by around 56%. Looking at these findings, in addition to the known interdependencies that are connected to daylight glazing, using a technique to incorporate daylight into a structure could potentially lower energy consumption.

At Peter Wragge Supplies, the roof light sheeting that we stock enables diffused daylight to enter the complex. Every one of our translucent sheets comes with a colourless look, as well as a fine arbitrary finish of the underlying resin/glass fibre composite. We also offer fillers that complement these materials, allowing them to be installed effectively.

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