Can my building handle metal cladding or corrugated steel roofing?

The benefits of metal cladding and corrugated steel roofing are, it would be fair to suggest, quite widely known. Over the years we have been happy to provide insights and information on this subject here on our website, and we’ve always been delighted to answer any questions.

In terms of the above there are, as you would expect, some enquiries which crop up on a frequent basis. One of the most often asked is how exactly you determine whether or not a building or structure can accommodate cladding or corrugated roofing.

When you think about a metal such as steel in a general way, one of the first things to come to mind is probably weight. We all know that the great strength steels comes, in part, from the considerable weight. In respect of this, it is perfectly understandable for many to have concerns that using metal cladding for roofing would not be possible for them, as an initial assumption would be that the structural strength of their building would not be able to support it.

Although full surveying work specific to the structure would need to be carried out first to confirm this, in our experience it is seldom the case. Although we understand exactly why people assume that metal cladding must be heavier than other forms of roofing in truth this is very rarely the case.

It’s difficult to give exact figures and each building requires different roofing, but generally it’s the case that sheet roofing weighs about half of what asphalt shingles do, and can be three times lighter than concrete tiles and slate.

Having a concern that any form of metal cladding might be too heavy for your roofing isn’t irrational. At face value it is perfectly obvious why people might reach this conclusion. Although we’d always want and need to discuss your specific requirements for your structure, it is highly unlikely that your building would not be able to support corrugated steel roofing.

If you have any other questions or would like to find out more about the wide range of metal cladding and corrugated sheeting we have on offer please contact us.