Brighten up your sheets

Our business is a success because we go out of our way to provide everyone with top quality roof goods. Some might need metal sheets while others may require something a bit different. Whatever the circumstances, our team works hard to ensure we satisfy our customers so they have a great experience.

Metal sheeting can begin to look boring and dull after enough time passes. However, by using bright paint, you can revitalise your structure. To prepare your sheets for their new aesthetic, you will have to prime them. The right primer will provide a great surface for painting and make the final results better. If you are still not sure that painting is the right step, then please read on.

Safer sheets

There are certain paints out there specifically for safeguarding metal exteriors. In addition to looking wonderful, your sheeting will have protection from weather damage. Some primers are made so that you are able to apply them on weathered sheets and keep them safe from additional oxidation. After you add the topcoat, you will have durable, long lasting protection.


Painting the metal sheets can show your brand as well. You are free to utilise any colours, so why not take the chance to match your branding? It should be something that makes everyone think that your business stands out from the crowd. Colour can be extremely important to a business identity, so make good use of it on roofs and cladding.


Be a little creative with the paint too. There is no rule that says you should only use one colour. You can use however many you want to get a look you love. If you want to you can even choose patterns. There shouldn’t be anything to restrain your creativity, unless it is a listed building or there are restrictions in the area. Always check planning rules just to be sure.

Updating the surroundings

Painting sheets enables you to update your surroundings too. At some point, your sheets may look tired and old. If yours have seen better days, a coat of paint can give them new life. The job shall instantly provide a building with a boost and make it look more appealing. Furthermore, it is far cheaper than a replacement.

Help the working environment

One final reason to paint your sheets is that doing so can improve the working environment. What we mean specifically is that it can improve the mood of people on the site. If people work in a building that is old and poorly maintained, it can reflect in their performance. But, taking care of the materials and giving them a bright coat of paint can have the opposite effect. It can make them more positive and happy about where they work.

Get the job done with our metal sheets

At Peter Wragge Supplies, we provide sheets for all kinds of purposes. These include domestic, agricultural, and industrial projects. Whatever kind of job it is you are taking part in, rest assured our merchandise can help. You can use them on roofs, walls, and other surfaces.

So, feel free to speak to us if you want to use high quality metal sheets. We offer advice and fast delivery if you purchase any of our goods. We also supply a range of fasteners so you can buy everything you need.