Box profile sheets are great for roofs or canopies

When most people are thinking about roofing they will likely imagine traditional tiles. They are the most popular option for homes in the UK. However, their weight and cost means you are unlikely to see them on industrial buildings. Instead, you are most likely to see box profile sheets or other forms of metal roofing. These materials are light, durable, and cost effective.

Small or large buildings

One of the biggest advantages of the sheets is they can suit a huge array of requirements. For example you can lay them in various ways to cover small or large roofs. The light weight means you should not need to worry about overloading the roof trusses. You can even cut the sheeting when necessary. You may need to do this to account for things like skylights, chimneys, or corners.


Industrial roofing is not the only application for the box profile sheets though. They are actually a great option for all kinds of simple canopies. For example, you could use them at home if you want to build a car port beside your home. The light weight is great here too because it means you only need a basic framework and won’t be putting a lot of strain on your property.

You can also find these simple canopies in many public places. They are really good for entrances to protect people from the weather as they enter and exit buildings. The sheeting is a common sight on transport infrastructure too. This can include on bicycle shelters, some bus stops, and canopies at stations. Again they are a good option for giving people temporary shelter from bad weather like rain and wind.

What do you have in mind for box profile sheets?

Peter Wragge Supplies is one of the most reputable providers of roof sheeting in the UK. We offer high quality products that are perfect for a huge array of industrial buildings. In the gallery on our website you can see them on everything from barns to sheds and warehouses. Some people even choose them for residential properties because they like the aesthetics, low cost, and quick installation.

If you are thinking about your options for roofing for a building or want to build a simple canopy, you can rely on us. Our box profile sheets are high quality and there is a great deal of choice. In addition, we stock various fixings, gutters, and even rooflight sheeting. Get in touch today and we can suggest the right products for your application.